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Gift Ideas for Hearing Aid Wearers

A hearing aid is a vital gift in itself as it allows users to connect with those around them as well as the world they live in. Giving someone a hearing aid is just a stepping stone to all the innovative tools, accessories, and technological gadgets you can get for them. Hearing aids are designed in an incredible way that allows them to be compatible with different systems and devices. Read on for some gift ideas for hearing aid wearers.


Getting an upgrade for a new device could be exactly what your loved one needs. Over time, hearing aids can start to wear out and perform less optimally than when they were first bought. Most hearing devices have a warranty of 1 to 2 years, but can easily last up to 5 years. Due to continuous developments in hearing aid technology and the features they offer, as well as the users changing needs, upgrading to a new hearing aid every couple of years are of benefit to hearing aid user.

Start with a simple “recharge”

Batteries are the most basic and efficient gift you can start with. Hearing aid batteries can typically last from 5 to 14 days depending on the style and strength of the hearing aid, as well as the total time it is worn. There are different battery sizes for hearing aids that are often color-coded to make it easier to identify them. Consider getting your loved one a supply of batteries to make their hearing aid usage experience even better. Batteries are easily accessible and can be found in online or local stores.

Cleaning and maintenance tools

Hearing aids contain very sophisticated technology in a relatively tiny shell. It is important to prolong their lifespan through consistent care and cleaning. Most hearing care professionals will include a cleaning kit during the orientation appointment; however, this doesn’t last for a long time. Consider getting your loved one a basic cleaning set, drying crystals, or an electronic hearing aid dryer. These tools will help remove any excess wax from the hearing aid and keep it dry for peak performance.

Accessories for individual style

Most hearing aid users wish to personalize their devices with different accessories and decorations. Some people have beautiful charms and tube twists attached to their hearing aid. Others even get their molds made out of shiny, glossy, or colorful material. Accessories and decorations can help hearing aid users build up their confidence and encourage frequent wear and use. Find out from your loved ones what colors and designs they like. There are a wide variety of crafty and creative websites that can help you with this gift.

Digital accessories

Hearing aids work well with the appropriate digital accessories. There are several options available to get as gifts. These include wireless streaming devices that transmit Bluetooth signals and connect the user’s hearing aids directly to devices such as companion microphones, TVs, phones, laptops, computers, and speakers. There are streaming devices that can further connect to apps that allow the user to control their hearing devices from their phone.

Gadgets for safety

The hearing aid functions to improve the detection of speech sounds and environmental noises. Hearing aid users do not always wear their devices, especially during sleep. You can get a gift that helps a hearing aid wearer stay safe in their home when they are not wearing their aids. There are new smart-home technologies that can alert hearing aid users in cases where the smoke alarm goes off or the doorbell rings. To avoid your loved one missing an important appointment, get them a special alarm clock for individuals with a hearing impairment that either shakes vigorously (i.e. silent vibrating alarm clock) or uses high-intensity flashing lights or extra loud sounds. They can be purchased on different websites and have a variety in terms of size, color, and functionality.

Apps for tinnitus

Tinnitus is a common problem amongst most people who experience hearing loss. A hearing aid can improve tinnitus however, not for all people. The latest apps include tinnitus masking which helps block out the tinnitus using more enjoyable sounds. The app allows you to choose which sound you may prefer (i.e. whale sounds, ocean sounds). Other apps offer more knowledge-based content on how one can manage tinnitus through easy techniques and strategies.

Tickets to shows where there are loop systems

Due to the compatibility issues between hearing aids and music, many hearing aid users sometimes miss out on theatre concerts. An extra special gift for your loved one would be getting tickets to a show where there is a loop system in the theatre. A loop system is an assistive device that works hand-in-hand with hearing aids to overcome or eliminate background noise. Some theatres cater to hearing aid users by having loop systems installed and activated. Be sure to find out more information from the theatre about this.

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