The Lexie app

is an extension of your hearing aids

A fundamental part of the Lexie experience, and a resource that you'll soon love.

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Lexie app features

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Pay less with Lexie Rewards*.
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Browse the FAQS to learn more about your hearing health and hearing aids.

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Select your hearing environment.
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Change the volume on your hearing aids.
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Monitor battery levels.
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Talk to a Lexie Expert, 6 days a week.

*Lexie Rewards is administered through the Lexie app.

Take control of your listening experience

Control your listening experience by using the Lexie app on your mobile device.

Hearing aid Bluetooth connectivity

Connect your hearing aids to
your phone with Bluetooth

Wear better, pay less with Lexie Rewards

Video call a Lexie Expert™

Adjust hearing aids remotely

Monitor battery level

Easily adjust volume and settings

Wear better and pay less with
Lexie Rewards

Video call an expert

Easily adjust volume and

Monitor battery level

Adjust hearing aids remotely

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Not tech savvy?

Not tech savvy?

That's okay!

The Lexie app was designed with you in mind, you don’t need any special tech skills to make it work.

We’re here to support you each step of the way. All you need is a smartphone and you’ll be ready to start in a few, quick steps.

Lexie Experts are ready to help you.

Call: (800) 499-1336


Monday - Saturday: 9am - 8pm EST

A promise of Lexie Care is included with every hearing aid purchase.

Get the personal support, information, and resources you need to navigate life with hearing aids.

Lexie Experts™ are available 6 days a week

Talk directly to a Lexie Expert through voice or video calls, using the Lexie app, or call us on (800) 499-1336

Self-guided troubleshooting

Use the videos and illustrated step-by-step tutorials available in the Lexie app if you prefer to troubleshoot yourself.

Advanced support for the first 45 days

We help you wear your hearing aids for long enough to make the adjustment. Learn about how to use them and care for them.

Access to the Lexie Blog

A platform that is full of informative articles about hearing loss and hearing health.

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Talk to a Lexie Expert™ for free

Do you have questions for our Lexie Experts™? Do you want to know if Lexie is right for you?

1. Schedule your call

We’ll call you on the number you provide at the selected time.

2. Ask any questions you have

Our Lexie Experts™ are eager to answer all your questions about hearing loss and hearing aids during a 30 minute consultation.


3. Expert recommendation

You’ll receive an expert recommendation based on your preferences and lifestyle.

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Administered through the Lexie app. Use the wearing goals to wear better and be rewarded.

Earn up to

discount on your monthly subscription or redeem your points when you make purchases through the Lexie app.

Download the free Lexie app

Take control of your listening experience.

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