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Cutting-edge app and Lexie Remote Care

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Clinical-quality hearing support in your pocket

Our knowledgeable Lexie Experts® are here for you. The easy-to-use Lexie app connects you with Lexie expert support via video, chat or phone, lets you adjust and personalize your settings, and gives you discounts and rewards for healthy hearing habits.

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Adjust the volume according to your needs

All hearing aids in the Lexie suite are self-fitting OTC hearing aids, which means that you can make volume adjustments according to your preferences and needs directly in the app.

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Select between a number of environment settings

The Lexie app allows you to adjust your hearing aids and select between a number of environment settings. Select the environment setting that best suits the activity you’re busy with.

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First-of-its-kind rewards program

Have fun earning points with the Lexie Rewards program, designed to help you adjust to life wearing hearing aids. Reach your goals in-app and use your points to get a discount on accessories and consumables.

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Better than any high $ hearing aid

These hearing aides work so well I feel like I'm really hearing. I've paid $6,000 for hearing aides that are not this good.

Toni Parks

Lexie B2 customer

The best hearing aids ever

These are the best hearing aids I have ever had. Been wearing aids for the past 25 years and have spent thousands of dollars. Thank you, Lexie, for providing these Bose powered aids.

Kenneth E Klussman

Lexie B1 customer

Better than custom that were double the price.

Very easy to adjust hearing aids to suit you best, excellent sound. I had aids purchased from Costco that were not over the counter, but custom, and I like these OTC Lexie by Bose better! The charge last me all day and evening.

Linda Z

Lexie B2 customer

Lexie B1 are Fantastic

I love these. So easy to use with the application on your phone. The sound is incredible and I love being able to switch from the different modes. My wife loves them too because she doesn't have to repeat herself. They are very small and comfortable to wear.


Lexie B1 customer

Lexie Lumen OTC Hearing Aids

Well, I think that I have had these long enough now to give a solid review. I love them! I love the control of the app, the choice of sound environments, and they work! They fit comfortably in my ear. My husband says that they are not noticeable. I am very happy and satisfied with them.

Terry J

Lexie Lumen customer

Lexie hearing aids are well worth trying.

You must have patience and time to learn how to properly use them. Not everyone has the same size ears and you should contact Lexie to inquire about the options they have to help you. Don’t give up! They work well and you can hear much better. I would recommend them to anyone who is hard of hearing!


Lexie B2 customer

Great addition to my life!

These have been a great addition to my life! They are well made and work great. I also love the adjustments I can make through the app.

Cody J

Lexie B1 customer

Love them!!

Sooooo happy with my Lexi Lumens!! I had one hearing aid several years ago for just my right ear from a regular doctor and paid $1000 for it. It was very basic! My hearing aids from Lexi was around $700 for two!! The support is great and they give me rewards!! Main thing is that they work wonderfully!!


Lexie Lumen customer


They work great. I am fond of the replaceable batteries because they last over a week without having to worry about them compared to rechargeables which must recharge every night.


Lexie B1 customer

Great product that dramatically improved my mothers hearing and quality of life!


Lexie Lumen customer

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