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Free Lexie Online Hearing Test

Test your hearing in under 2 minutes with our free, clinically-validated Hearing Test.

Make sure you have your headphones connected.

Why take Lexie hearing screening test?

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Clinically-validated Accuracy:

  • Unlike many online tests, Lexie's hearing test is clinically validated with over 90% accuracy, according to scientific research (Potgieter et al., 2016; Potgieter et al., 2017).

  • This means you can trust the results to give you a reliable picture of your hearing health.

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Real-life Hearing Assessment:

  • Our test uses advanced speech-in-noise (SIN) technology, which goes beyond simple tones.

  • It assesses your ability to understand speech in noisy environments, reflecting real-life listening challenges.

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Fast & Convenient:

  • Take the Lexie Hearing test from anywhere in just 2 minutes!

  • You can use any connected device with headphones or earphones, making it a quick and easy way to check your hearing.

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Identifies Potential Hearing Loss:

  • The test measures your speech recognition threshold in decibel signal-to-noise ratio (dB SNR).

  • Your results may indicate potential hearing loss that could benefit from an OTC hearing aid.

Take Your Fast & Accurate 2-Minute Hearing Test

Connect your headphones or earphones:

For the most accurate results, use headphones or earphones during the test.

Scroll down and click "START":

Scroll down to the section below and START the Lexie Hearing Test.

Follow on-screen prompts:

The test will guide you through the hearing assessment.

Enter your contact details and click "View My Results":

After completing the test, receive your personalized hearing results.

Women taking Lexie 2-minute hearing test.
Women taking Lexie 2-minute hearing test.
Desktop displaying Lexie 2-minute hearing test.
Laptop displaying Lexie 2-minute hearing test.

Why test my hearing & some next steps

  • Early Detection Matters: Hearing loss is a common condition, but the sooner you identify it, the sooner you can take steps to manage it. Testing your hearing is the first crucial step.

  • Addressing Hearing Loss: If your test results suggest hearing loss, don't worry! There are effective solutions available. Consider contacting a hearing healthcare professional for a comprehensive assessment and personalized advice.

  • Explore OTC Hearing Aids: Lexie offers a range of OTC (Over-the-Counter) hearing aids specifically designed for individuals with mild-to-moderate hearing loss. They are a convenient and affordable option for many people.

  • Risk-Free 45-Day Trial: We believe in the quality and effectiveness of our Lexie OTC hearing aids. That's why we offer a risk-free 45-day trial period to ensure you're completely satisfied with your purchase.

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