All the hearing aid features you need at a price you can afford.

Microphone icon with '2x' next to it.

Directional hearing

Directional microphones to amplify the sounds you want to hear and reduce the sounds you don’t want to hear.

Speaker icon, with line waves going through the speaker.

Noise reduction

The best adaptive noise reduction in its class.

Node icon, with 3 circles connected by lines.


A smart fit algorithm to customize your devices according to your hearing profile.

Hearing aid icon.

Telecoil functionality

Sends speech to your hearing aids through an induction loop system, when speaking on the phone or when in public places.

Two speech bubble icons.

Crisp phone calls

Hear better when you’re talking over the phone.

Musical note icon.

Crystal clear sound

Delivered through dual-drivers to immerse you in a world of sound.

Thunderbolt icon.

Advanced battery power

Easy to replace batteries.

Water droplet icon.

Sweat proof technology

Nano coating technology that matches your active lifestyle and extends the life span of your devices.

A variety of colors to suit your needs

Front view of Lexie hearing aid in beige.


Front side view of Lexie hearing aid in metallic black.

Metallic Black

Side view of Lexie hearing aid in light gray.

Light Gray

Back side view of Lexie hearing aid in bronze.


Back view of Lexie hearing aid in silver.


Risk-free 45-day trial

It takes time to adapt to a new world of sound, so we’ll give you 45 days to try out Lexie. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund.

No contract, cancel anytime

The all-inclusive Lexie subscription means you can return your device and cancel your subscription at any time.

What am I getting?

The Lexie Lumen packaging and everything that fits inside it. One box, Lexie Lumen hearing aids, one black soft-touch carry case, one ear measuring tool, slim tubes in various sizes, drying capsules, one cleaning brush, one cleaning wire, one user manual, and two packs of hearing aid batteries.

All your hearing aids need in one box

We’ve included all the accessories your hearing aids need including batteries, domes, tubes, and drying capsules. On the monthly payment plan, we’ll send you a Care Kit with additional accessories and batteries delivered regularly to your door.

A user using the Lexie Hearing mobile app.

App controlled, giving you flexibility

It’s easy to control your Lexie hearing aids from the Lexie app. Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone and your hearing aids will automatically connect so that you can change the volume and settings to suit your needs.

A happy customer opening a cardboard box.

Lexie Cover, for your peace of mind

Hearing aids are expensive products that are susceptible to moisture and lifestyle damage. That’s why your subscription includes Lexie Cover which is a protection plan for breakages and losses.

Hearing environments at your fingertips

(Lexie hearing aids) Smartphone with Lexie Rewards on screen tracking what goals have been achieved and the percentage of discount that has been rewarded. Lexie hearing aids in front of the phone in gray.
Arrow rotating around the number 24.

Everyday use

For one-on-one conversations, meetings, television, and radio.

Musical note.


For listening to music in theaters, music halls, or at home.

A loudspeaker.

Noisy indoor

For noisy environments, like public spaces or conversations with many people at once.

A single leaf.


For outdoor activities like walks, running, or open-air events.

A outline of an ear with a line through the ear.


For use with telephones and in churches, theaters or buildings with an induction loop system. Speech is sent directly to the hearing aid.

A microphone.

Companion mic

For use with an external companion microphone. This microphone can be directed towards the sound source.

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“Lexie Hearing, probably the best direct to consumer hearing aids we have seen” - Hearing Aid Know

Your own team of
Lexie Experts on call

An expert in your pocket.
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Self-guided troubleshooting
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Real-time assistance (video and voice)
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Remote programming and personalization of your hearing aid
Middle-aged woman wearing a telephone headpiece and looking at a computer screen smiles and talks to someone on the phone.

The only hearing aid that rewards you for wearing it

A truly unique rewards program, designed to guide and support you through the first 45 days of wearing your new Lexie hearing aids.

Earn points when you reach your monthly goals and get up to 5% discount on your monthly subscription or redeem your points when you make purchases through the Lexie app.

Earn points when you wear your hearing aids, perform everyday tasks, and give us feedback that will help us to help you.


Lexie Rewards is free to all Lexie users.
Sign up in the Lexie app.

Lexie looks as good as it sounds

Watch these videos to see for yourself.

Lexie Lumen Components

A gray Lexie Lumen hearing aid with tags that show 6 programs to adjust for hearing loss and environment, volume button that gives you full control, 36+ hours of battery life, lightweight and fits discreetly behind the ear, ComfortTip for all-day comfort, nearly invisible clear, thin tube.

Better hearing or your money back, guaranteed.

A drawing of a person standing in the middle of a crowd with conversations taking place around him. He adjusts his hearing aids so that the hearing aids are focused only on the sound coming from the front and sounds from behind are made softer.

Don’t settle for anything less than a dual-microphone hearing aid

A noisy environment can make it very difficult for people with hearing loss to hear speech clearly. A single-microphone hearing aid is not able to help with this problem. The dual-microphone in the Lexie Lumen hearing aids, however, has two features that improve the quality of speech understanding in noisy environments, and that can be customized to individual needs.

The first feature is Directional Hearing that focuses on sounds coming from the front, instead of sounds from the sides or the back. This provides more listening comfort by allowing you to clearly hear the person in front of you.

The second feature is Digital Noise Management to determine if sounds are more speech-like or more noise-like. With its dual-microphones, the Lexie Lumen makes adjustments to how much amplification is required to improve your hearing in noisy environments by reducing the sounds identified as more noise-like.

These features will help ensure you have the best sound experience.

Too good to be true?

How is Lexie’s price so affordable compared to traditional hearing aid prices which average at $4,400 a pair?

No middleman

We’ve taken out the middleman and put you in control of your own listening experience. You get all the benefits, without the high associated costs.

Smart tech

We managed to create an affordable hearing care program, by leveraging smart technology and a streamlined business model.

Remote care

Exceptional quality and an outstanding customer experience are the cornerstones of the Lexie brand. We use technological developments to ensure that we meet and exceed service and quality standards, at a drastically reduced price.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. We believe in affordable, accessible, flexible hearing care.

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What’s included?

1 pair of Lexie Lumen hearing aids.

Batteries and accessories included in the box.

Unlimited real-time video and voice support from a hearing expert.

Free Lexie Rewards program to save up to 5% in Rewards points.

45-day risk-free trial.

1-year warranty.

No contract, cancel anytime.

Care Kit: extra hearing aid accessories and batteries delivered to you regularly.

Protection plan for breakages and losses.