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Customers are at the heart of everything Lexie stands for. We don’t believe that people should be spending thousands of dollars on hearing health, so we’re changing the industry. We’re bringing a great experience to customers with high quality hearing aids and by leveraging smart, cutting-edge software technology.

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Not just a great price, but we’ve added additional value - just for you.

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Lexie was developed by hearX Group, an impact-driven company with the mission of providing affordable access to hearing healthcare using smart digital solutions. hearX has conducted over 1 million tests in 39 countries globally and takes pride in providing an entirely new way to overcome traditional barriers to the detection, diagnosis and treatment of disabling hearing loss.


Trusted by over 1 million people worldwide.

hearX Group is an award-winning, innovative company with clinically validated software solutions, patents and research.

Organizations that use the hearX tech:


How are Lexie’s prices so affordable compared to traditional hearing aid prices?

No middleman

We’ve taken out the middleman and put you in control of your own listening experience. You get all the benefits, without the high associated costs.

Smart tech

We managed to create an affordable hearing care program, by leveraging smart technology and a streamlined business model.

Remote care

Exceptional quality and an outstanding customer experience are the cornerstones of the Lexie brand. We use technological developments to ensure that we meet and exceed service and quality standards, at a drastically reduced price.

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