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How does the hearing test work?

Our hearing test is a validated, audiological screening test that uses numbers presented with background noise (commonly referred to as a speech-in-noise screening).

The test determines your speech recognition threshold (in a dB signal-to-noise ratio). This reflects your ability to understand speech in the presence of background noise, something individuals with hearing difficulty typically struggle with. If your results are reduced, you are likely to benefit from an OTC hearing aid.

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How accurate is an online hearing test?

With so many online hearing tests out there, it’s hard to know which is the best or most accurate. This is because online hearing ‘tests’ are generally not clinically validated. However, the Lexie online test technology has been widely validated, with results published in multiple scientific peer-reviewed journals. The accuracy of our hearing test exceeds 90% and the test can reliably be taken on your PC, tablet, or smartphone with any set of head/earphones.

Compared with traditional pure-tone audiometry, speech-in-noise tests do not require calibrated equipment and are less sensitive to environmental noise. Another advantage of SIN tests is that they measure functional real-life difficulties with speech comprehension in background noise. The screening test picks up all kinds of hearing losses and can be completed within 2 minutes. The results are highly correlated with pure-tone audiometry thresholds. (Potgieter et al., 2016; Potgieter et al., 2017).

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Why should I test my hearing?

There are different types of hearing loss, each with their own causes and treatment options. But the first step is always the same: identification. If you suspect your ability to hear is not what it used to be, testing your hearing is the first step in understanding if hearing loss is present and—if so—how you can manage it. With results available in minutes, you’ll quickly have a better picture of your hearing health and whether wearing hearing aids can help you.


I have hearing loss, what now?

If your results indicate possible hearing loss, there are a few steps you can take to find out what sort of treatment is right for you. First, contacting a hearing care professional can provide additional information on hearing loss, hearing aids, and any other questions you may have. You can visit an audiologist, or get started by contacting a Lexie Expert®.

Once you’ve worked with a professional to best understand your options, you may find that a hearing aid is right for you. Getting a hearing aid is easier—and more affordable—than ever. For example, the Lexie OTC hearing aids are available for purchase directly online and comes with a risk-free trial to ensure you’re completely satisfied.

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