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Lexie B1 Powered by Bose
Self-fitting OTC Hearing Aids

Experience the Power of Sound with Lexie – Powered by Bose

Do not stream music or phone calls.

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It’s our 100% satisfaction guaranteed promise to you!Try Lexie OTC hearing aids for 45 days and if you’re not fully satisfied with the experience, return them for a full refund.

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The Lexie Difference

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Experience the power of reliable, high-quality OTC hearing aids starting at only $799.

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Easily purchase and set up your OTC hearing aids from home – without waiting for prescriptions or clinic visits.

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Pick up the phone and speak to a Lexie Expert™ who can help you set up your hearing aids in real time.

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Use the Lexie app to earn daily rewards that you can apply to hearing aid accessories and more.

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Developed by audiologists for better hearing

Diminished hearing, or not trusting your hearing, can keep you from being your best and getting the best out of life. That’s why the team of Bose scientists, audiologists, and engineers leveraged years of expertise to create the first FDA-cleared direct-to-consumer hearing aids you can easily fit and tune yourself with the app for audiologist-quality results.


“Wow! I am so pleased with how good these work! I didnt know what to expect but they were really easy to use, got connected to the app and the sound has been incredible.”- Verified Buyer

Why is this model right for you?

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Nearly invisible

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Replaceable batteries

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Noise reduction

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Store your preferred settings

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Adjustable volume

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Receiver in the ear for a more clear and natural sound experience

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1-year warranty

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Ongoing customer support

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Use your FSA Dollars to Pay. Learn more.

Why are Lexie OTC Hearing Aids so affordable?

There’s no middleman. Get the OTC hearing aids that are best suited to your hearing loss directly from Lexie Hearing.

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What’s in the box?

What's in the box
What's in the box

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Carry case

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Lexie B1 hearing aids
Powered by Bose (1 pair)

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User Manual and Quick Start Guide

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Open domes (3 pairs)
Sizes 1 and 3 (size 2 attached
to the hearing aids)

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Closed domes (3 pairs)
Sizes 1, 2 and 3

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Wire sizing tool

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Size 312 batteries

All the features you need

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Self-fit solution

Easy to purchase and easy to use. We provide everything you need to ensure a proper fit - including multiple dome sizes and an ear measuring tool.

App and Bose hearing aids

Tune it yourself

Download the Lexie app for simple step-by-step instructions, then start customizing your sound.

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Amplify sounds you want to hear

World Volume turns up the sounds around you so you can hear better. As World Volume is increased, quiet sounds are amplified more than loud sounds so you can hear what’s around you more comfortably.

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Treble, bass settings

The treble and bass settings let you adjust the tone so voices and sounds are more natural. Turn treble up to make sounds brighter and crisper. Use the bass setting to make sounds richer and deeper.

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Focus when you need it

The Lexie app allows you to adjust the direction your hearing aids will focus on sound. Select the Front feature on the app to focus in front of you, which is ideal for conversations, especially in noisy environments. The Everywhere feature lets you listen all around you, which is best for general listening, like walking outdoors.

A screenshot of the Lexie Hearing App's environmental selection page. To the right is a man, in suite, looking at her phone.

Environment settings

A favorite restaurant. Popular walking trails. Watching TV with your family. These hearing aids let you store your preferred settings as environment settings for those places and situations. Once set up, it’s a quick and effortless way to instantly adjust your hearing aids, so nothing gets in the way of engaging in the moment.

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Discreet, all-day comfort

Lightweight Lexie B1 Powered by Bose hearing aids can be worn comfortably all day. And with their small, behind-the-ear design, they’re barely visible to others.

Try them, risk free

Order Lexie OTC hearing aids today and customize your experience to hear better. If you don’t love them, send everything back to Lexie and get a full refund.

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Take time to try Lexie hearing aids before deciding if they’re right for you.

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Lexie Experts™ are available to help with product setup, troubleshooting, and app support. Mon - Sun 9am-8pm EST.

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Start hearing better in as little as 4-6 days.

Rated 4.7 / 5 Stars (638 Reviews)

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Helpful Lexie B1 Resources

Download the User Manual, read FAQs and watch how-to videos.

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Lexie Experts are ready to help you.

Call: (833) 924-1888


Monday - Sunday: 9am - 8pm EST

What’s included with a…

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1 pair of Lexie Lumen OTC hearing aids.

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Batteries and accessories included in the box.

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Ongoing real-time video and voice support from a Lexie ExpertTM.

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Free Lexie Rewards program to save on in-app purchases.

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45-day risk-free trial.

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1-year warranty.

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Cancel anytime (cancellation fee applicable after 45-day risk-free trial).

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Care Kit: enough hearing aid accessories and batteries for 24 months delivered to you after the first 45 days.

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Protection plan for breakages and losses.