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Lexie B2 Plus Powered by Bose
Self-fitting OTC Hearing Aids


FSA and HSA eligible

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45-Day Trial Period
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1-Year Warranty
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Lexie B2 Self-fitting OTC hearing aids Powered by Bose in their charging case.

Lexie is proud to partner with Bose to bring you the breakthrough, over-the-counter Lexie B2 Plus Hearing Aids

We cut out the costly middleman and kept award-winning hearing tech

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Technology trusted by industry leaders.

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Lexie OTC Hearing Aids

Quality hearing aids up to 5X less. From $799.

FREE ongoing remote care available right from home.

Smart technology personalized to your needs.

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Traditional Hearing Aids

Expensive, custom hearing aids. Up to $4,400.

Recurring fittings, appointments, and travel expenses.

Complex equipment, adjustments, settings, and technology.

Hear what's possible with Lexie B2 Plus

For the best hearing experience, listen with headphones on and set them to your typical volume.

Exceptional hardware meets cutting-edge app

Not tech savvy? Not a problem!

Image of the phone, app and the hearing test screen.

Optional recommended settings with in-app hearing test

Take the in-app hearing test and get optional recommended settings to customize your hearing aids to your unique hearing profile. Optimize your listening experience by adjusting the volume, sound clarity, and background noise directly in the app.

A group of woman eating at a restaurant, one adjusting her Lexie hearing aids on the Lexie app.

Fine-tune settings for any environment

Enjoy ultimate control of your audio settings with adjustable treble and bass so voices and other sounds are more natural. In a noisy restaurant? Adjust the hearing aids to “Front” so you can focus on the dinner conversation. Taking a walk outdoors? Select “Everywhere” so you can hear the birds flying by and the crunch of the gravel under your feet. To further enhance your experience, B2 Plus offers 4 preset listening environments and up to 10 more you can customize, making this your best choice to hear the life you love.

Image of the charging hearing aid case.

Rechargeable charging case

Keep your Lexie B2 Plus hearing aids charged while you’re on the go. The rechargeable charging case holds one additional charge, giving you the flexibility of an extra 18 hours of runtime.

Hand holding a phone streaming an iPhone call from the phone to Lexie hearing aids.

Streams calls for iOS® and Android

Enjoy the convenience of streaming your phone calls directly to your Lexie B2 Plus hearing aids. While music and media streaming is possible, it is not optimal.

Hand holding a phone speaking with a Lexie Expert over video call.

Free, lifetime, clinical-quality hearing support through the Lexie app

Our knowledgeable Lexie Experts® are here for you. The easy-to-use Lexie app connects you with Lexie Expert support via video, chat, or voice call, whichever works best for you.

Hear the Lexie Difference: Real Customer Stories

You want to be fully there, you want to be fully engaged and you want to be able to play at your best.Terri Borkland 

Where the app comes in very handy is when you’re watching TV or you’re in a restaurant it can really filter out some of the noises.Jeff Zoller 

What’s in the Box

  1. 1 x Rechargeable charging case
  2. 1 x Pair Lexie B2 Plus hearing aids Powered by Bose
  3. 3 x Pairs open domes (Size 1, 2, 3)
  4. 3 x Pairs closed domes (Size 1, 2, 3)
  5. 1 x Cleaning brush with magnet
  6. 1 x Pack wax guards (8 per pack)
  7. 1 x Wire sizing tool
  8. 1 x USB-C to USB-A cable
  9. 1 x User Manual
  10. 1 x Quick Start Guide
What's in the box

Take the Next Step to Better Hearing, Risk-Free

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45-Day Trial Period
Iconography of a Guarantee.
1-Year Warranty
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FREE Shipping

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