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Turn up life with Lexie B2 Plus Powered by Bose

Lexie B2 Plus hearing aids Powered by Bose on a counter next to a phone showing the Lexie app.

Have you downloaded the Lexie app?

Adjusting to new hearing aids can take time, and the Lexie app is there to help. It's more than just a way to easily control your hearing aids - it's personalized hearing support right in your pocket. Discover all the amazing features.

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Connect with a Lexie Expert®

The award-winning customer support team at Lexie Hearing is available to assist as you become familiar with your new OTC hearing aids. You're not alone in this journey—they're there to guide you every step of the way.

Free lexie expert lifetime support

How to connect

Direct in-app support: Connect via live video, chat, or phone, available 7 days a week from 9am - 8pm EST, EST.

Call: Reach them at +1-888-685-1918 for immediate assistance.

Email support: Send an email to with your questions.

Lexie Experts® offer

Personalized troubleshooting: They can walk you through common issues and adjustments.

Quick solutions: Many concerns can be resolved over the phone, saving you time and frustration.

More options: Maybe you haven't found the right size Receiver-In-Canal wire (RIC) or domes yet. They can take you through the necessary steps and in the case of RIC wires, can swap to the right size for free.

How-to Videos

Lexie Hearing has a library of "How-to" videos that offer short tutorials to learn everything from cleaning your hearing aids to mastering the controls.

Video thumbnail

How to charge your Lexie B2 Plus hearing aids.

1 min 6 sec
Video thumbnail

How to power your Lexie B2 Plus hearing aids on and off.

40 sec
Video thumbnail

How to insert the hearing aid into your ear.

1 min 21 sec
Video thumbnail

How to complete the hearing test with your Lexie B2 Plus hearing aids and Lexie app.

2 min 3 sec
Video thumbnail

How to access Recommended Settings in the Lexie app, and apply them to your Lexie B2 Plus hearing aids.

1 min 7 sec
Video thumbnail

How to clean your hearing aid.

35 sec

User Manuals

Download and read these manuals to get the best use out of your Lexie B2 Plus hearing aids.

Your hearing journey: What to expect

Week 1

Patience is key

It takes your brain and ears about 3-4 weeks to adjust to hearing aids.

Week 2-3


Clock with 4 hours highlighted

Wear your hearing aids for 3-4 hours daily in varied listening situations, from quiet to noisy, indoors and outdoors.

Week 3-4

Own your journey

Clock with 8 hours highlighted

Start increasing your wear time from 4 to 8 hours daily.

Week 5 & beyond

Keep up the good work

Continue wearing your hearing aids 8+ hours daily to reinforce your brain's learning.