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Where To Buy Lexie Hearing x Bose Hearing Aids?

Published: November 23, 2022

Updated: November 23, 2022

When it comes to sound engineering and technology, Bose has earned a strong reputation. The company’s noise-canceling headphones and Bluetooth speakers can be found almost everywhere and provide some of the best audio in the industry.

What about hearing technology, though? Those with hearing loss have undoubtedly seen the wave of new hearing aids that can be purchased directly online for a fraction of the cost. Now, with over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids being readily available, many are wondering: can I buy Bose hearing aids?

The answer is both yes and no. Confused? Read on to learn exactly what this means.

Bose Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids

Firstly, it is essential to understand that Bose no longer sells hearing aids directly. Rather, Lexie Hearing has partnered with Bose to create a whole new platform of hearing aids that feature the sound technology that Bose is known for with the hearing expertise and customer service that Lexie Hearing customers enjoy. 

The new platform, which includes the Lexie Hearing B1 self-fitting OTC hearing aids, and the next-generation Lexie Hearing B2 self-fitting OTC rechargeable hearing aids, are both “Powered by Bose”. Both hearing aids offer the ability to customize various environmental settings to save for instant switching, adjusting bass and treble levels, as well as ongoing remote support that comes standard with every Lexie Hearing device – all through the user-friendly and convenient Lexie app. 

Another important distinction when answering this question is understanding what an over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid is. OTC hearing aids are devices that can be purchased directly from brick-and-mortar stores such as Walgreens and other retailers. 

Recently, legislation was passed in the United States that made it possible for hearing aids to be sold over-the-counter, a ground-breaking development that is aimed at making hearing aids more affordable and more accessible.

Lexie OTC Hearing Aids – Powered by Bose

The previous Bose SoundControl hearing aids are no longer in the market.Now, in partnership with Lexie the Lexie B1 and Lexie B2 self-fitting OTC hearing aids Powered by Bose are readily available nationwide. The same premium technology that Bose’s SoundControl customers came to love is now enjoyed by Lexie Hearing customers. 

The Lexie B1 self-fitting OTC hearing aids Powered by Bose were the first hearing aids to be released as part of the new partnership with Bose. They feature SoundControl’s ability to provide natural sound, even in the presence of background noise, to make it easier to understand speech and be able to join in conversations. The combination of this with the advanced software from Lexie Hearing in the form of the Lexie app, means that you can now fit your hearing aids through the app, adjust any settings yourself to make your experience better suited to your needs, as well as have access to ongoing support from Lexie Hearing. 

The Lexie B1 and B2 self-fitting OTC hearing aids Powered by Bose can be personally tuned using the Lexie app, meaning there is no need for professional tuning. With a simplified interface, the app allows users to customize their sound profile using on-screen instructions. The two main settings—volume and treble/bass—can be adjusted as needed in the app, and the microphone direction can be adjusted to fit any situation. For example, the Front feature directs the microphone to hear in front of the user, making it especially useful for conversations.

Lexie’s hearing aid solutions have been designed and developed by its team of engineers, scientists, and audiologists. The Lexie B1 and B2 self-fitting OTC hearing aids are FDA-regulated and don’t require a prescription or a clinic visit. They can be purchased online or at selected retail partners from $849.00 or $42/month on the Lexie subscription plan.

The Future of Hearing Aids

With over-the-counter hearing aids now available, the future of hearing aids is bright. The direct-to-consumer space has already changed the game—getting hearing loss treatment is easier and more affordable than ever before.

It is important to note that while Bose is no longer manufacturing and selling SoundControl™ Hearing Aids, they are continuing to offer complimentary technical support to those who had already purchased SoundControl™ Hearing aids.   If you’re looking for an affordable, quality hearing aid, Lexie’s flight of OTC hearing aids are sure to offer you what you need. Find the device that best matches your needs.

Try the Lexie Hearing self-fitting OTC hearing aids Powered by Bose risk-free today—shop online or contact one of our Lexie Experts™   for more information.

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