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The Top Hearing Aids at Best Buy in 2021

Published: December 7, 2021

Updated: April 25, 2022

In today’s day and age, it may not come as a shock that hearing aids are available everywhere, including your local big-box stores. This has made hearing aids more accessible over the years for those seeking over-the-counter hearing aids when dealing with mild to moderate hearing loss. While visiting a healthcare professional is still a common option, this isn’t always feasible, especially if the cost is something holding you back. 

Best Buy now sells hearing aids in-store, so we’ve put together the list of the models they currently sell. Among Best Buy’s selection of hearing aids are some of the best options on the market for those looking to improve their hearing experience on a daily basis.

The Top Best Buy Hearing Aids, Ranked

4. Eargo Neo HiFi – $2,500.00

The Neo HiFi is a low profile, discreet-fitting CIC (Completely-In-The-Canal) hearing aid for individuals with mild to severe high-frequency hearing loss from Eargo, an American hearing aid manufacturer. With advanced noise reduction and feedback cancellation, Neo HiFi hearing aids are advertised to “please even the pickiest of audiophiles.” It is only available in black.


  • Virtually invisible.
  • Rechargable, with up to 16 hours of use in an overnight charge.
  • Incredible sound fidelity: Includes extended bandwidth for improved speech clarity, smart feedback cancellation, and advanced noise reduction.
  • Natural sound design: Eargo’s patented Flexi TetraPalms uses soft, medical-grade silicone to provide an “open” fit.
  • Warranty: Neo HiFi includes 2-year repair warranty and 1-year loss/damage protection.
  • Personalized hearing, through Eargo’s app or licensed hearing professionals.
  • Lifetime telecare support from Eargo’s licensed hearing professionals.

3. Eargo 5 Hearing Aid – $2,950.00

The Eargo 5 hearing aid is Best Buy’s other hearing aid option from Eargo, which is advertised as their most advanced and smallest design yet. With its CIC design, the Eargo 5 boasts of customized, unique hearing experience, as well as their best sound quality. It is also only available in black.


  • Virtually invisible.
  • Rechargeable, with up to 16 hours of use in an overnight charge.
  • Incredible Sound Fidelity: Their latest digital sound features an extended bandwidth for improved speech clarity, smart dynamic feedback cancellation, and advanced noise reduction that improves listening comfort in noise over any Eargo hearing aid.
  • Natural “open fit” design: Eargo 5 hearing aids feature an open or closed petal design for a more natural hearing experience, which can be swapped for the closed petal tip for more volume and richness.
  • Warranty: Eargo 5 includes a 2-year repair warranty and a 2-year loss/damage protection.
  • Personalized hearing through Eargo’s app or licensed hearing professionals.
  • Lifetime telecare support from Eargo’s licensed hearing professionals.
  • Contactless charging.

2. Lucid Audio Engage – $999.99

Lucid Audio’s Engage model from Lucid Audio is designed with proprietary hearing aid technology, giving the user direct sound without compressing or modifying it first for clear and natural sound. The Engage model is available at Best Buy in beige, black and gray. For Android and iPhone.


  • Discreet: The Engage’s BTE (Behind-The-Ear) is designed to not be visibly noticed.
  • Bluetooth compatible, meaning you can wirelessly stream your favorite songs or podcasts.
  • Hear better with clear and natural sound, distortion-free.
  • App volume control through the Lucid Hearing app.
  • Splashproof: Includes nano-coating water-resistant technology.
  • Wireless carrying case for recharging.

1. Lexie Lumen – $799.00

Finally, the top choice among Best Buy’s hearing aids options is Lexie Lumen. Lexie Hearing, a company developed by award-winning, innovative company hearX Group, designed these hearing aids with cutting-edge technology for users to take control of their hearing health. Lexie Lumen hearing aids are one of the most customized hearing aids on the market, with models available in beige, light gray, bronze, metallic black, and silver. 


  • Directional Hearing, designed to amplify the sounds you want to hear and reduce the sounds you don’t want to hear.
  • Noise reduction: The best adaptive noise reduction in its class.
  • Autofit features a smart fit algorithm to customize your hearing aids according to your hearing profile.
  • Telecoil functionality, which sends speech to your hearing aids through an induction loop system when on the phone or in a public setting.
  • Sweat Proof Technology: Nano coating technology to extend the lifespan of your device
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Advanced battery power.
  • App compatibility: download the Lexie App to easily take control of your hearing through your smartphone.
  • Environmental settings.

What sets Lexie Lumen apart

Lexie Hearing’s Lexie app allows wearers to pair their hearing aids with their smartphone, where they can select their volume and environmental settings. Lexie’s hearing experts are also available to offer real-time, remote assistance via video or voice call. Wearers can opt into Lexie Rewards where wearers earn points by reaching their wearing goals or activity goals, which can translate to as much as a  5% discount on their monthly subscription. Points can also be redeemed when purchases are made via the app.

How to purchase Lexie Lumen hearing aids

These top Best Buy hearing aids can be purchased by making a one-time payment of $799. Lexie Lumen is also available online and with other retailers. Learn more about the Lexie Lumen and Lexie’s hearing solutions on our website or by contacting us today.

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Written by Marcellé Swanepoel

B. Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology


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