The Lexie Rewards Program

Lexie Rewards is a truly unique rewards program that rewards you for wearing your hearing aids and learning about your hearing loss.

Lexie Rewards is a truly unique rewards program that was designed by hearing health professionals to offer you guidance and support on your journey to hearing health. Guided wearing goals, interactive learning, and feedback activities will help you to master your hearing aids in no time, so that you can live life to the full.

How does Lexie Rewards benefit me?

By reaching as many goals as possible you will get the most out of your hearing aids. You will earn points that allow you to unlock the Lexie Store in the Lexie App. In the store, you can use your points towards purchasing additional products and services. Your points can also be used towards a discount on your monthly subscription payments. 

How does it work?

The Lexie Rewards program is administered through our Lexie App and is completely voluntary. To participate in Lexie Rewards, visit the “Lexie Rewards” section of your app to opt-in. We offer two different Lexie Rewards programs.  For our once-off payment customers, there is a 45-day program. For our subscription customers, the Lexie Rewards program continues until the end of the subscription. 

The program consists of two parts: Wearing goals and Activity goals. 

Wearing Goals

Every week we share a personalized wearing goal with you.  Wearing goals will help you to obtain the maximum benefit from your hearing aids. To reach your wearing goal, you will be required to wear your hearing aids for a certain number of hours per week. At the end of every week, the app determines if you reached your goal or not. Every time you reach your goal you will receive Lexie points! Your wearing goals will count towards 60% of your Lexie Rewards.

Activity Goals

Activity goals consist of 4 categories, namely:

  • Learn,
  • Check-in,
  • Rate, and
  • Share.

All the activities can be completed via the Lexie App. Regular interaction with your app will be required to ensure that you do not miss out on activities, important information, and Lexie Rewards.  

The purpose of learning activities is to ensure that you learn all you need to know about hearing loss, how hearing aids work, to take care of them, and how to live the life you love with your hearing aids.  Informative articles were written by hearing health professionals for these activities. 

A variety of check-in activities keep you in touch with our Hearing Experts in our Contact Centre, as well as all the important information in your app.  Regular interaction with a hearing health professional ensures that your hearing aids always perform optimally.   

We love to hear from our customers.  To enable us to offer you the best service and care we have included rate activities so that you can provide us with valuable feedback to make improvements where needed.

The purpose of share activities is for you to help others improve their quality of life, by sharing your thoughts and experiences. People often hide their hearing difficulties and delay getting the help they need with their hearing.  Reading about how others experience their hearing loss and the help they received can help others to take the first step in improving their quality of life. 

Each of the activity goals also takes you closer to the maximum amount of Lexie Rewards you can obtain.  All the activities count towards 40% of the total points. 

Would you like to hear more about the Lexie Rewards program? Call (779)212-7334 to chat with one of our hearing experts.

Written byIzanne Smit

Business Analyst

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