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The Lexie Hearing Offering | What Makes Us Different

Published: November 12, 2021

Updated: March 23, 2023

Traditional hearing aids can be prohibitively expensive. The average price for a pair of hearing aids in the USA, when fitted by a hearing healthcare practitioner, is around $4,400. This means that the hearing aids many people need are simply out of reach, even for those with health insurance. Most health insurance companies only cover a limited portion of the cost, or even nothing at all. 

Lexie Hearing is changing that. Lexie hearing aids are reliable, affordable hearing aids that help people hear the life they /love, again.

Lexie hearing aids are intended for Americans who: 

1) have mild to moderate hearing loss;

2) may not be able or willing to attend an audiology clinic; or 

3) cannot afford traditional hearing aid options.

Lexie Hearing has focused its development on a person-centered solution that keeps your needs and best interests at heart. 

The Lexie Hearing Offering

  • Personalized, person-centered hearing services from the comfort of your own home.
  • Affordable, high-quality hearing aids with smart, cutting-edge software.
  • These devices have a slim, sleek design ensuring a comfortable and discreet fit.
  • Lexie hearing aids cost up to 80% less than traditional hearing aids.
  • A subscription payment plan that allows you to pay for your hearing aids over 24 months or the option to purchase them outright. 
  • Hearing aid accessories like batteries, tubes, and domes delivered straight to your door (subscription only).
  • Between 4 and 6 different environment programs offer comfort and clarity in a variety of listening situations.
  • Easy hearing aid set-up, hearing checks (depending on the hearing aid model), and various adjustments to the hearing aids from the Lexie app.
  • Extensive remote support and convenient access to remote care and support with Lexie Experts.
  • A 45-day, risk-free trial.
  • Lexie Rewards. An interactive, personalized support program that helps you achieve greater hearing aid success while earning discounts. 
  • Unlimited access to the Lexie Hearing Library, with informative articles and support material written by Lexie Experts to guide you in your hearing health journey.

The Lexie Hearing Online Hearing Test

The Lexie Hearing online hearing test is a FREE hearing test on the Lexie Hearing website, available here. All you need is a smartphone/laptop and a pair of headphones/earphones. Extensive research has validated the technology used in the Lexie Hearing online hearing test, with results published in multiple scientific peer-reviewed journals. The accuracy of this hearing test exceeds 90%. 

The test uses random numbers presented in pairs of 3 with noise in the background (digits-in-noise). Based on your responses, the noise may become louder or softer during the screening to determine your unique ability to understand speech in background noise. The results of this test will indicate if you can benefit from wearing hearing aids and guide Lexie Experts to give the best possible advice and support.

The Lexie App

The Lexie Hearing platform is built around the award-winning Lexie app.  Lexie hearing aids work hand-in-hand with the Lexie app and it offers wearers the best hearing aid experience and support possible. The app is downloaded onto your smartphone and takes you through an onboarding journey. The Lexie app is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.

The Lexie app is used to set up the hearing aids, as well as to make volume and environment setting adjustments. You also get access to remote care and support with a Lexie Expert via voice or video call.  Lexie Rewards are also managed through the Lexie app.

Lexie Lumen Hearing Aids

Lexie Lumen hearing aids are designed in the USA. With their affordable price, wealth of features, and reliable support, they are an excellent option for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Lexie Lumen features:

  • Directional hearing: Directional microphones to amplify the sounds you want to hear and reduce the sounds you don’t want to hear.
  • Noise reduction: The best adaptive noise reduction in its class.
  • Autofit: A smart fit algorithm to customize your devices according to your hearing profile.
  • Telecoil functionality: Sends speech to your hearing aids through an induction loop system, when speaking on the phone or when in public places.
  • Crisp phone calls: Hear better when you’re talking over the phone.
  • Crystal clear sound: Delivered through dual drivers to immerse you in a world of sound.
  • Advanced battery power: Easy to replace batteries.
  • Sweatproof technology: Nano-coating technology that matches your active lifestyle and extends the life span of your devices.

Please note: Bluetooth connectivity in Lexie Hearing Lumen aids does not offer streaming capabilities.

Listening Environments

First, you will conduct a clinically-validated hearing check from your new hearing devices, using the free Lexie app. As your hearing ability changes over time, you can request to retake your hearing check to ensure your hearing aid settings always remain up to date.

A hearing aid Listening Environment, also referred to as a hearing aid program, is a preset hearing profile that allows you greater control of your hearing in different situations. It allows you to navigate variable listening environments more successfully.

You can also change your environment settings to match wherever you are. 

  •        Everyday use: For one-on-one conversations, meetings, television, and radio.
  •        Noisy indoor: For noisy environments, like public spaces or conversations with many people at once.
  •        Outdoor: For outdoor activities like walks, running, or open-air events.
  •        Music: For listening to music in theaters, music halls, or at home.
  •        Telecoil: For use with telephones and in churches, theaters or buildings with an induction loop system. Speech is sent directly to the hearing aid.
  •   Companion mic: For use with an external companion microphone. This microphone can be directed towards the sound source.

The Lexie B1 Powered by Bose Hearing Aids

Lexie powered by Bose means you experience the Power of Sound, known and trusted everywhere, now backed by world-class remote care and support from Lexie Hearing.

Lexie B1 Powered by Bose features:

Self-fit solution: Easy to purchase and easy to use. We provide everything you need to ensure a comfortable, secure fit – including multiple dome sizes and an ear measuring tool.

  • Tune it yourself: Download the Lexie app for simple step-by-step instructions, then start customizing your sound.
  • Amplify sounds you want to hear: World Volume turns up the sounds around you so you can hear better. As World Volume is increased, quiet sounds are amplified more than loud sounds so you can hear what’s around you more comfortably.
  • Treble, bass settings: These adjustable features allow you to set the quality of sound to your preferred level. Turn treble up to make sounds brighter and crisper. Use the bass setting to make sounds richer and deeper.
  • Focus when you need it: The Lexie app allows you to adjust the direction your hearing aids will focus on sound. Select the Front feature on the app to focus in front of you, which is ideal for conversations, especially in noisy environments. The Everywhere feature lets you listen all around you, which is best for general listening, like walking outdoors.
  • Environment settings: A favorite restaurant. Popular walking trails. Watching TV with your family. In addition to the four preset environment settings (everyday use, noisy indoor, outdoor, and music) you can also create and store your own programs based on your preferred sound experience. Once set up, it’s a quick and effortless way to instantly adjust your hearing aids, so nothing gets in the way of engaging in the moment.
  • Discreet, all-day comfort: Lightweight Lexie B1 Powered by Bose hearing aids can be worn comfortably all day. And with their small, behind-the-ear design, they’re barely visible to others.

Please note: Bluetooth connectivity in Lexie B1 Powered by Bose hearing aids does not offer streaming capabilities.

Lexie Rewards

Lexie Rewards helps Lexie hearing aid wearers through the first 45 days of the hearing aid adjustment process. Lexie Rewards helps drive behavioral change and adherence in hearing and health care. Personalized wearing goals and interactive activities that focus on various hearing aid and hearing health-related topics aim to help wearers adjust to their hearing aids much more easily and efficiently. As a Lexie hearing aid wearer, you’ll also earn points when you reach your monthly goals and get up to 5% discount on your monthly subscription or redeem your points when you make purchases through the Lexie app.

The Lexie Hearing Blog

There’s a wealth of information in the Lexie Hearing Blog. Lexie Hearing-specific,  hearing, and hearing aid articles are posted on our website. These articles are written by qualified and experienced exile Experts with a wealth of knowledge. It’s dedicated to keeping you informed to help you make the best decisions for your hearing health. 

Take control of your hearing health with Lexie Hearing today! Visit the Lexie Hearing website to find out how Lexie hearing aids can help you hear the life you love, again.

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