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Should You Wear Hearing Aids All The Time?

Published: July 15, 2020

Updated: July 18, 2022

When you first get your hearing aids you may find yourself asking if you should wear them all the time, especially in the initial adjustment period. The short answer is, “Yes, wear them as much as possible”. But, let’s look at why so that you understand why it matters.

The relationship you have with your Lexie hearing aids will slowly grow and reach the point where you will be unable to go without them. Hearing aids quickly become a significant part of your life, as they help to create improved communication between you and your loved ones. The hearing aid journey is similar to the path created by stepping stones over a stream. There are different milestones that you will reach, one of the most important milestones being wearing your hearing aids as often as possible. Research shows that only 20% of people who receive hearing aids actually wear them. This percentage is very low and is unfortunate because of the many benefits provided by hearing aids. In the beginning, you may find that you are still developing a consistent wearing-pattern, which is subject to change according to your listening environments and daily routine. In order to obtain maximum hearing aid benefits, the stepping stone of wearing your hearing aids as often as possible becomes an essential personal decision, and below we have some information to share with you in order to make the decision that is best for you and is most beneficial.

Hearing aid adjustment period

How you adjust to wearing hearing aids is different for everyone. This is due to various factors such as age, hearing loss type, and hearing aid style. Using your hearing aids for the first few times may be overwhelming and challenging; this is because your hearing system is still adjusting to the new experience of detecting sounds that it wasn’t able to identify before. Think of it like a new-born baby who is hearing birds chirp for the first time; it’s an exciting and new sound, but one that the baby still needs to get used to.

It’s important to remember that the more often you wear your hearing aids, the quicker your brain will learn to process new sounds. During this process, you need to be patient with yourself. Change is hard, and you should give your hearing system the right amount of leniency.

Understand why you DON’T wear your hearing aids

Wearing hearing aids is a big change in life, a change that most people find hard to navigate. If you find that you don’t like wearing your hearing aids for a long period of time, it’s important to find out why. It may be that your hearing aids are not fitting as they should, which will result in them being uncomfortable and ineffective. Contact the Lexie hearing experts if you are unhappy with the fit of your hearing aids so that they can assist you and ensure that you learn how to correctly position your hearing aid on your ears. Hearing aids that fit well, work well. If they work well, you will wear them more.

Hearing aids present with different social complexities that can affect whether or not you wear them, These social complexities can include comfort and confidence. You can be proud of wearing your hearing aids because they are an essential investment that you have made for yourself. Be flexible and creative in the way you encourage yourself to wear your hearing aids.

Discovering that your hearing aids are no longer working as they should, can also discourage you from consistently wearing them. Reduced hearing aid performance can be a result of poor cleaning and care or a change in your hearing abilities. Be sure to speak to one of the Lexie Experts if reduced hearing aid performance becomes a concern for you.

Understand your schedule and level of social activity

You are a unique individual and lead a unique life that is filled with social priorities and activities. You play an essential role in your family, with your circle of friends, and in your professional environment. Start by wearing your hearing aids in your familiar environments during the adjustment period and pay attention to your daily routines and level of social activities. This will include knowing how much time you spend in particular spaces and what kind of listening environment you can expect. If you understand how you navigate your surroundings will be able to adjust to your hearing aids faster and get the optimal benefits.

If not for yourself, do it for those around you

Wearing your hearing aid gives your family and other communication partners the opportunity to interact with you. Using your Lexie hearing aids helps you connect with loved ones without the communication difficulties that you probably experienced before. If you understand how the use of your hearing aids affects the lives of those around you, you will be encouraged to wear your hearing aids as often as possible. Take the opportunity to wear your hearing aids in listening environments that include most of your communication partners. This will allow for consistent use and increase your level of comfort with your hearing aids. 

Benefits of wearing your hearing aid consistently

Hearing aids are meant to make your life easier and provide you with overall better quality of life but this can only happen if you give them a chance. Wearing your hearing aids in a wide range of listening environments will help you engage more with your world, and perhaps even understand it better. You may find that you learn new things or show interest in the things you abandoned when you began losing your hearing. Wear your hearing aids and rediscover yourself and the world around you.

Article updated on July 18, 2022.

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