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Oticon Hearing Aids: A Guide

Published: June 20, 2023

Updated: June 21, 2023

Oticon hearing aids are the flagship brand of Danish hearing aid manufacturer, Demant A/S. Demant is currently the second-largest hearing aid manufacturer and was founded in 1904 by Hans Demant, whose wife suffered from hearing loss. From its long history in hearing aid technology, to where they are today, here is a complete guide on Oticon hearing aids.

Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon hearing aids have four models that create a fairly comprehensive range of Oticon’s devices, namely: Real, More, Zircon, and the Own. One thing to note about Oticon hearing aids is that they cater for all degrees of hearing loss, from mild to profound. For the purposes of this article, we will focus on hearing aids that cater to mild-to-moderate hearing loss.

Oticon Real

First up is the Oticon Real. The Real is the first hearing aid to employ AI technology in an attempt to assist with speech clarity and understanding, which Oticon has described as RealSound technology. Reportedly, the aim is to allow users to better focus on conversations, which would lead to improved speech understanding.

This technology also assists in removing unwanted noises that could potentially distract you from the conversation, such as rustling leaves, or the wind. Streaming audio is available on both iOS and Android, allowing you to listen to music and media directly through your hearing aids. Unfortunately, only iOS devices support true hands-free calling, so you will need to speak into your cellphone’s receiver if you use an Android device.

There are four different devices in the Real line, including the MiniRITE R, the MiniRITE T, the MiniBTE R, and the MiniBTE T. In this instance, the “RITE” models offer receiver-in-the-ear and the “BTE” models are simply behind-the-ear devices. Further, the “R” in the device name denotes that it is rechargeable and the “T” is for those that need replaceable size 312 batteries. 

Price: $3,600-$4,000

Oticon Real Hearing Aid with transparent background

Oticon Own

The Oticon Own launched in August, 2022, and is a discreet, custom in-ear line of hearing aids. As with the Real, the Own features Oticon’s “BrainHearing” technology, which aims simply to reduce the mental load of hearing, and frees up resources to focus on hearing noises better. In the higher technology tiers of the Own range, you can have access to the AI technology found in the Real as well. 

The Oticon Own also offers streaming compatibility for Made for iPhone and certain Android™ devices. You can stream music, media, and phone calls directly to the hearing aids. The one downside with Oticon Own is that there are no rechargeable options. The IIC and CIC styles use a size 10 battery, and the ITC and ITE’s use a 312 size battery.

Price: $2,600 – $3,800

Oticon Own hearing aid with transparent background

Oticon Zircon

The Oticon Zircon is a part of Oticon’s “essential” product line, which aims to provide all the critical and essential features without the top-of-the-line technologies. The Zircon also offers a miniBTE and miniRITE form factor, as well as rechargeable and non-rechargeable options.

The Zircon offers similar streaming capabilities as previously mentioned, as well as offering 5 different color options for you to choose from. 

Price: $2,000 – $2,300

Oticon Zircon hearing aids with transparent background

Oticon More

The Oticon More has been succeeded by the Real range of devices but still offers a rather reasonable suite of technological features. One of these is the BrainHearing™ system and was the first device to use Deep Neural Network that powers Oticon’s AI technology. 

There are two RIC devices and two BTE devices for you to choose from. In each line, there is also a rechargeable and non-rechargeable option depending on your preference. Further, they also offer full streaming capabilities for both iOS and Android devices through Bluetooth. 

Price: $3,000 – 3,700

Oticon More hearing aid with transparent background

In summary

Oticon has a variety of hearing aids available for those suffering from mild to profound hearing loss. The range typically offers a host of technological features but may remain out of reach for the average consumer, ranging between $2,000 to over $4,000. Compared with other OTC hearing aids that could serve the same function at just $799, the hearing aids are significantly more expensive.

Looking for more affordable OTC options?

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