Lexie’s Online Hearing Test in a Nutshell

Lexie Hearing Expert talking to someone over video call after they took Lexie's online hearing test

Most hearing loss develops gradually, meaning that it may take some time before its effect on daily life becomes apparent. Persons with hearing loss often wait more than 7 years from the time their hearing difficulties become noticeable to the time that they seek help. Every person has their own reasons for waiting, but some of the most common reasons could include not knowing where to find help, the cost of appointments and hearing aids, and anxiety about what people may think of hearing aids. It can be daunting, and expensive, to visit a hearing healthcare practitioner.

Lexie’s online hearing test

The Lexie Hearing-check is a quick hearing screening that can be taken on the Lexie Hearing website, using any set of headphones or earphones you have at home. Lexie’s online hearing test uses random numbers presented in pairs of 3 with noise in the background. Based on your responses the noise may become louder or softer during the test to determine your unique ability to understand speech in background noise This helps us determine whether you have difficulty hearing and can help our lexie hearing experts advise you on the appropriate next steps. Extensive research has validated the technology used in our Lexie hearing check, so you’re in good hands!

If your Lexie hearing check results show that you could benefit from the hearing aids, our hearing experts will tell you more about the Lexie Lumen hearing aids. Should you decide to purchase Lexies, they’ll be delivered right to your home. Once you’ve connected them with your smartphone via Bluetooth we’ll do another test on the Lexie App to set your hearing aids to your unique hearing profile and specific listening needs. Want to check your hearing? Take Lexie’s free online hearing test now.

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Written byMarcelle Swanepoel

B. Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

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