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Published: April 19, 2021

Updated: July 26, 2022

Lexie Rewards® is a truly unique, free rewards program that was designed by hearing health professionals to offer you guidance and support on your journey to hearing health. Guided wearing goals, interactive learning, and feedback activities will help you to master your hearing aids in no time, so that you can live life to the fullest.

It is very important to wear your hearing aids daily. As you wear them, your brain adjusts to the new sound coming in and allows your brain to once again become accustomed to constantly receiving different sounds. To help you adjust to wearing your hearing aids, personalized “wearing” goals are set to complement your lifestyle. They are measured on a daily basis. This is the best tool to help you ease into wearing your hearing aids in a way suited to you.

How does Lexie Rewards ® benefit me?

Other than the fact that the Lexie Rewards® program assists your brain to adjust to the hearing aids, it also makes hearing exciting for you! The Lexie Rewards® program is the only program that rewards you for wearing your hearing aids!

By reaching your goals you can earn up to a 5% discount on your monthly subscription payments or the points you earn can be redeemed in-store through the Lexie App. These points can be used towards purchasing additional products and services, such as the companion mic, which improves your ability to hear in the presence of noise, as well as extra hearing aid accessories. If you’re a subscription customer you can redeem points towards a discount on your monthly payment.

How does it work?

There are two categories of goals in the rewards program; wearing goals and activity goals. You can personalize your goals and tailor them to your lifestyle.

Wearing Goals

Learning to consistently wear your Lexie hearing aids is the most important first step when you start wearing your hearing aids. Although a small effort in the beginning, wearing your hearing aids is a significant step. Lexie Hearing® recognizes this, and rewards you for it. All you need to do is make sure that you consistently and persistently wear your hearing aids. This means that every time you reach your goal you will receive Lexie points! Your wearing goals will count towards 60% of your Lexie Rewards®.

Activity Goals

There are 4 different types of activity goals:

  1. Learn,
  2. Check-in,
  3. Rate, and
  4. Share.

All the activities can be completed through the Lexie app, so we recommend that you use your app regularly so that you don’t miss out on activities, important information, and the rewards that you have earned.

By completing the learning activities will learn:

  • All about hearing loss
  • How hearing aids work
  • How hearing aids will benefit you and improve your quality of life
  • How to take care of your hearing aids.

We want to ensure that you know how to live the life you love with your hearing aids, by equipping you with informative articles, written by hearing health professionals for these activities.

A variety of check-in activities keep you in touch with our Lexie Experts, to ensure that you are fully supported in your journey to healthy hearing. This is important because regular interaction with a hearing health professional ensures that you keep track of changes in your hearing and that your hearing aids always perform optimally. Our Lexie Experts are here to make your experience with your hearing aids better. Feel free to call them anytime to ask if you need help or want to ask a question!

We love to hear from our customers because we are always trying to improve our service and our product offering. To help us offer you the best service and care, we have included rate activities so that you can provide us with feedback. Please tell us about our experience with Lexie Hearing and your Lexie hearing aids by writing a Google Review, Facebook Review, or a BBB review. We love to hear from you!

The purpose of sharing activities is for you to help other people with hearing loss learn about the benefits of wearing hearing aids. People often hide their hearing difficulty and tend to delay getting the help they need for their hearing. When they can read about how others experience hearing loss and take action to improve their hearing, it encourages others to take the first step toward improving their quality of life.

Each of the activity goals also gets you closer to the maximum amount of Lexie Rewards® you can earn. The activity goals count towards 40% of the maximum points, with your wearing goals contributing the remaining 60%. Lexie Rewards® was developed with you in mind, so we hope that you will be able to use the program and get a lot out of it. If you’d like to chat to us about it or ask any questions, please call (800) 499-1336 to chat with one of our hearing experts.

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