Senior man with his hand behind his ear because he is experiencing hearing loss symptoms. A recommendation for him would be to take the best free online hearing test on the Lexie Hearing website to determine his degree of hearing loss.

12 Signs You May Have Hearing Loss | Hearing Loss Symptoms

People often notice other signs before they realize that they have hearing loss because it comes along gradually.

It’s important to know if you have hearing loss so that you can treat it, as treatment of hearing loss is beneficial to your overall health as well as your hearing. But, hearing loss is “invisible” and usually starts quite gradually. As a result, people often notice other signs before they realize that they are experiencing hearing loss symptoms. Your loved ones or those closest to you may suspect you have a hearing problem before you do. Many people wait for years before treating their hearing loss because they don’t link common signs with hearing loss symptoms. 

12 Signs you might have hearing loss: 

  • You struggle to hear when there is a lot of noise in the background, for example, at a restaurant.
  • Speech and other sounds seem muffled.
  • It sounds like people around you are mumbling when they speak.
  • You often miss parts of a sentence and have to ask people to repeat themselves.
  • You usually turn the volume on the TV or radio higher (other people might also notice this).
  • You avoid going out with other people because the background noise is usually too loud.
  • You sometimes hear a ringing or a buzzing sound in one or both ears.
  • You miss information in meetings or social situations if the speaker isn’t looking at you.
  • If someone speaks to you from a different room, you struggle to hear what they’re saying.
  • You have difficulty hearing people when they speak to you on the telephone.
  • You find that you’re very tired at the end of the day from straining to hear conversations.
  • You have difficulty hearing women and children’s voices in particular.

If you’re having difficulty in one or more of these areas we encourage you to check your hearing because you might have hearing loss. You can complete a free, two-minute hearing test. After completing your hearing test, we will evaluate whether the Lexie hearing aids are the ones for you.

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Written byRenate Olinger

Masters in Audiology

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