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How to Buy Hearing Aids Online

Published: March 2, 2023

If you’re having trouble hearing and have been thinking about getting a pair of hearing aids, buying a hearing aid online is a convenient, cost-effective option. Losing your hearing can be frustrating, especially when you don’t know where to start. While the idea of purchasing hearing aids for the first time—or the first time online—can be daunting, a new pair of hearing aids can help ease the burden of everyday life. 

How To Buy Hearing Aids Online


Direct-to-Consumer Hearing Aids

Hearing aids that can be purchased online include direct-to-consumer devices that have become a popular option in recent years. These devices do not require a visit with a hearing healthcare professional and, because of this, are often more affordable options. These hearing aids are typically ready to use immediately or can be self-fitted.

While these hearing aids don’t require a clinic visit, direct-to-consumer options, such as the Lexie Lumen, often come with remote care and access to hearing experts. This ensures that users can have their questions answered and that they are using the devices properly.

There are a variety of direct-to-consumer options, making it easier than ever for anyone to find the perfect fit for their hearing needs. However, with the influx of direct-to-consumer devices hitting the market, it’s also important to understand how each differs, which is the right fit for your situation and to fully understand how to buy a hearing aid online.

Buying Your Hearing Aids Online

If you’ve decided that getting a pair of hearing aids is your best next step, you might be wondering how to buy a hearing aid online. The online route is recommended if you’re looking for a convenient and cost-effective option, in today’s day and age, online purchases have never been easier. Some key things to think about when you’re searching online for hearing aids:


It’s important to research the brand selling the hearing aid, so that you can read about experiences other customers have had and how their online hearing aid purchase has worked for them.

Follow-up care/consultations

If customer care is important to you, look for a retailer that offers telecare or follow-up care, especially from a hearing expert, audiologist or licensed hearing professional.

Warranty eligibility

Hearing aids purchased direct-to-consumer are still an investment. It’s important to look into the warranty offered to see how many years your purchase is covered for and what it protects you against. 

Loss/damage protection

Some hearing aid companies offer protection against both loss and damage. If you’re prone to accidents or misplacing your things, this might be a feature to look for.

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Depending on your lifestyle, the style (behind-the-ear vs in-the-ear) of hearing aid can matter a lot. Additionally, everyone’s ears are different, and some people can be more tolerant of the in-the-ear style rather than behind-the-ear, and vice versa. 

Battery options

Do the hearing aids you’re looking at include batteries, or are they rechargeable? Depending on your preferences and lifestyle, one option might work better than the other.

Device features

If advanced technological features such as Bluetooth and connectivity to a mobile app are important to you, it may be worth paying a little extra to have a newer model that supports both. Other features can include directional microphones, feedback reduction, and more; it depends on your hearing preferences and what’s most important to you. 

Water/dust resistance

Depending on your lifestyle, some hearing aids offer certain levels of water and dust resistance. To gauge how well the device will repel dust and water, look at the IP (Ingress Protection) rating. The highest possible level of protection is IP69.

How Lexie Can Help

Lexie Hearing offers direct-to-consumer hearing aids that are available for purchase directly online. These hearing aids come equipped with powerful hearing technology at an affordable price—making it easier than ever to treat hearing loss. You can even download the Lexie app onyour phone to and control your hearing aids directly from there. Lexie hearing aids come with a risk-free 45-day trial, ensuring that you can see for yourself the benefits these hearing aids can offer.

Get your Lexie hearing aids online today, or if you’re looking for more guidance on the process, Lexie Hearing offers free consultations with their Lexie Experts. Book a consultation today to get started on finding the right hearing aid for you!


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