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8 Thoughtful Gifts for People with Hearing Loss

Published: November 7, 2023

Updated: November 9, 2023

When you research gifts for people with hearing loss, hearing gifts such as OTC hearing aids often make compelling first choices. After all, OTC hearing aids are a vital gift that allows those with hearing loss to connect with those around them and the world they live in. With recent advancements in technology, OTC hearing aids are designed in an incredible way that allows them to be compatible with different systems and devices, opening up new opportunities and experiences for people with hearing loss. 

However, gifters often miss all the innovative tools, accessories, and technological gadgets that can significantly enhance the life of someone with hearing impairments. Below, we have compiled a list of 8 thoughtful gifts for people with hearing loss.

8 gifts for people with hearing loss


An OTC hearing aid upgrade

Although a popular choice for gifts for people with hearing loss, getting an upgrade or a new device could be exactly what your loved one needs. Over time, OTC hearing aids can wear out and become harder to use than when they were first bought. While most hearing devices can easily last up to 5 years, most only have a warranty for 1-2 years. 

Due to continuous developments in OTC hearing aid technology and the features they offer, upgrading to a new OTC hearing aid every couple of years can greatly benefit someone with hearing loss. If your loved one’s OTC hearing aid is becoming worse for wear, a newer model could help reduce the frustrations of using a worn-down one. If you decide to purchase a new OTC hearing aid, be sure to hold on to the old one. There’s a lot you can do with an old OTC hearing aid.

Start with a simple “recharge”

If you are looking for gifts for people with hearing loss, batteries are a great option for a hearing gift. One of the most basic and practical gifts for someone with hearing loss, batteries are easily accessible and can be found in online or local stores. Though simple, gifting a supply of batteries ensures that your loved ones won’t have to worry about running out. 

OTC hearing aid batteries can typically last from 5 to 14 days, depending on the style and strength of the OTC hearing aid as well as how often it is worn. Note that there are many different battery sizes for different types of OTC hearing aids. Different batteries are often color-coded to differentiate them. Ensure that you are purchasing the right kind of battery for your hearing gift.

Cleaning and maintenance tools

Cleaning OTC hearing aids can be tricky. However, it is crucial to properly maintain an OTC hearing aid and prolong its lifespan. This makes cleaning tools great gifts for those with hearing loss. OTC hearing aids contain sophisticated technology that needs to be maintained regularly. The cleaning process helps remove any excess wax from the OTC hearing aid and keeps it dry for peak performance. Most hearing care professionals will include a cleaning kit during the orientation appointment. 

However, this kit doesn’t last for a long time. The right cleaning tools can simplify the care and cleaning progress, saving someone with hearing loss so much time and frustration. Consider getting your loved one a basic cleaning set, as well as drying crystals or an electronic OTC hearing aid dryer. For further information on what these tools do and what you should include in your hearing gift for someone with hearing loss, check out our guide on cleaning tools.

OTC hearing aid accessories for individual style

Another great hearing gift idea for people with hearing loss is OTC hearing aid accessories and decorations that help people customize their devices with a personal flair. The variety of OTC hearing aid accessories makes this an especially personal and fun hearing gift for someone with hearing loss. 

For example, some people like to have beautiful charms and tube twists decorating their OTC hearing aid. Some choose personalized OTC hearing aid molds with shiny, glossy, or colorful material. Gifting OTC hearing aid accessories that catch your loved one’s eye can not only help build confidence, but it can also encourage consistent OTC hearing aid use, which has a wide range of benefits.

OTC hearing aid digital accessories

OTC hearing aids work well with the appropriate digital accessories. There are several options available to get as gifts. These include wireless streaming devices that transmit Bluetooth signals and connect the user’s OTC hearing aids directly to devices such as companion microphones, TVs, phones, laptops, computers, and speakers. There are streaming devices that can further connect to apps that allow the user to control their hearing devices from their phone.

Gadgets for safety

In addition to aesthetic accessories, digital accessories can help enrich your loved one’s experiences and improve the functionality of their OTC hearing aid. Digital accessories make for great hearing gifts that upgrade the experience of using a OTC hearing aid without having to purchase a new one. With advancements in technology, there are several popular options that make for great hearing gifts. 

One popular option is a wireless streaming device that connects the user’s OTC hearing aids directly to another device, such as companion microphones, TVs, phones, laptops, computers, and speakers. Additionally, there are streaming devices that can connect to OTC hearing aid apps that allow the user to control their hearing devices from their phone. The convenience and control of these digital accessories make them a very thoughtful hearing gift for someone with hearing loss.

Home and safety gadgets

While OTC hearing aids improve the wearer’s sound detection, they are not always worn during sleep. This can expose your loved ones to dangerous situations, such as a fire. However, there are many home and safety gadgets that allow people with hearing loss to be alerted of emergency alarms and other sounds. This gift for people with hearing loss allows them to be safer in their homes, even without wearing an OTC hearing aid. 

For example, new smart-home technologies can alert OTC hearing aid users when the smoke alarm goes off or when the doorbell rings. They make for important hearing gifts that can help keep your loved ones safe. To avoid missing an important appointment, get them a special alarm clock for people with hearing loss. They either shake vigorously (i.e. silent vibrating alarm clock) or use high-intensity flashing lights or extra loud sounds.

Tickets to theatre shows with loop systems

Due to compatibility issues between OTC hearing aids and sound systems, OTC hearing aid users sometimes miss out on major theatrical shows. This is sometimes further amplified by a room’s acoustics, making it even harder to enjoy a theatre show. However, some theaters have integrated loop systems that allow people with OTC hearing aids to enjoy the show. 

A loop system is an assistive device that works hand-in-hand with OTC hearing aids to overcome or eliminate background noise. An extra special gift for someone with hearing loss would be tickets to their favorite show in a theatre with a loop system. However, make sure to call ahead to make sure that the theatre has an active loop system. Depending on your loved one’s interests, this can be the perfect hearing gift for someone with hearing loss.

Give the Best Hearing Gift of All

We hope that this guide offers many thoughtful and practical hearing gift ideas. Nevertheless, remember that the best gift for someone with hearing loss is your love and support. For more information on Lexie, Lexie OTC hearing aids, and our hearing solutions, contact us today.

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