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Guide to Fashionable and Stylish Hearing Aids

Published: June 14, 2021

Updated: July 19, 2022

Reading glasses are worn for visual difficulties, hearing aids are worn for hearing loss. Yet the two are not entirely viewed the same. When you think of a smart person, you may imagine them wearing reading glasses as there is a view that wearers of glasses are naturally more intelligent. When a person is seen wearing a hearing aid intelligence is not the first thing that comes to mind. Rather, unfortunately, hearing aid wearers are perceived as being old. This is not entirely true, as hearing aid wearers range in age from children to adults and the elderly. Wearers of reading glasses similarly range in age. Despite this, glasses have been viewed as fashion statements, and hearing aids often have been made an afterthought.

In the past hearing aids were large and bulky which was not attractive as the technology often made use of large parts for the hearing aid to work properly. These included large batteries, microphones, and receivers. Functionality was preferred to style, and fashion was not considered in making these hearing aids. Due to this, it was common for hearing aids to be hidden away, as to not draw attention to the wearer.

The evolution of hearing aid technology has given rise to new hearing aid designs. These developments have allowed for function and fashion to be equally considered when designing modern hearing aids. Modern technology has allowed for the development of devices that are much smaller than previous generations. These newer models of hearing aids provided improved performance and for the first time appearance was considered as an important factor. Whilst many hearing aid wearers preferred the functional aspect there was a group of wearers that view their device as a key fashion piece and embraced it as such. This has allowed hearing aids to gain new levels of attraction as the wearer is afforded the ability to look fashionable without sacrificing the core functions of a hearing aid.

What makes hearing aids fashionable?

A fashionable hearing aid looks good, makes a statement, and is unique. Part of what makes a hearing aid fashionable is the level of personalization it allows. Changes to a hearing aid can give it an identity of its own.

This starts with the color. Hearing aid colors are no longer limited to brown, beige, and black. While not the worst color choices, they did not cater to a sense of individuality because everyone had to wear the same color hearing aids for many years. These colors also did not showcase the art and fashion elements of hearing aids. 

Now, you can get a hearing aid in pretty much any color. If a simple one-tone color is not fashionable enough, there is still the option to personalize it. Nature and wildlife lovers will love animal and plant-themed prints. While it’s tempting to make a permanent change, hearing aid covers are another option. These allow wearers to choose a style that suits their mood.

Customization also depends on the type of hearing aid. Smaller hearing aids that fit in a wearer’s ear (in-the-ear and completely-in-canal) are usually limited to color and pattern changes. A larger device, like a behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid, may come with an earmold or a slim tube with a dome attachment. The earmold is often transparent and can be personalized to a color of the wearer’s choice as well. The slim tube is a thin clear tube between the body of the hearing aid and the soft dome that inserts down the ear canal.” Similar levels of customization are available for a receiver-in-canal (RIC). The piece that fits into the ear of a RIC, the dome, can have a different color from the actual hearing aid body. 

Someone who loves bold fashion may not be satisfied with small changes. Without modifying the structure or blocking essential parts, wearers can add jewelry to it to make it stand out more. 

Essentially, fashionable hearing aids are ones someone would want to wear.

Lexie hearing aids

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