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Eargo Hearing Aids: Everything You Need to Know

Published: May 8, 2022

Updated: July 19, 2022

With a variety of hearing aid brands available, it’s important to understand what each offers and how they differ from one another. If you’re in the market for a hearing aid but don’t want to go through an audiologist, Eargo will likely appear in your research. But how do Eargo hearing aids differ from other brands, and how do they compare to Lexie hearing aids? Let’s start with some background.

What Are Eargo Hearing Aids?

Eargo hearing aids are best suited to individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss in the high-frequency range. Eargo enables the wearer to hear speech more clearly while reducing background noise. Eargo hearing aids are direct-to-consumer, self-fitting hearing aids, meaning there is no need to visit an audiologist for a prescription or a  hearing aid fitting. 

Eargo was founded in late 2012 and the devices were designed by an ear, nose, and throat surgeon. Eargo makes use of patented soft medical-grade silicone fibers that come in two sizes. These silicone fibers (FlexiFibers or Flexis) hold the hearing aids in place in the ear canal. To remove the hearing aids, the wearer pulls a tiny transparent fiber connected to the hearing aids.

Trained professionals are available via phone to answer any questions and give guidance to potential and current Eargo customers. Setting profiles can be personalized for phone, TV, outdoor, or group situations, with the ability to switch between settings with two taps of the ear The NEo HiFi, Eargo 5, and Eargo 6 models can also be controlled with a smartphone app.

Military personnel, veterans, teachers, nurses, doctors, or first responders can get a 10% discount on certain Eargo hearing aids. The latest Eargo 6 model offers monthly financing plans starting at $93  per month to everyone.

Eargo’s website features a free hearing check to help determine if their hearing aids are suited to you. It’s possible to request a model device (it’s not a working model) to fit in your ear.

What is Included with Eargo Hearing Aids?

Included with a pair of Eargo hearing aids is:

  • A charger with a USB cord and plug. The charger needs to be fully recharged weekly.
  • A cleaning cloth and brush.
  • Large Flexi fibers (x 2), regular Flexi fibers (x6), and large Flexi domes (x 2). The Flexis need to be changed every 3 months. 
  • Extra wax guards and wax guard changing tools. The wax guard needs to be changed every 3 to 6 months.
  • Small portable charging case.
  • User manual.

The Difference Between Eargo 5 and Eargo 6

While there are not many differences between the new Eargo 6 model and the previous Eargo 5, the added Sound Adjust feature is certainly noteworthy. The Eargo 6’s Sound Adjust feature works in communication with the Eargo App via ultrasound to automatically adjust sound levels and improve noise reduction based on your surrounding environment. 

In addition to the Sound Adjust feature, there were a couple of other minor, but practical updates, that make Eargo hearing aids more practical for day-to-day life. Eargo 6 is now rated IPX7 for water resistance, meaning you can take a shower without removing the headphones. There is also a new “mask mode” that helps mitigate the communication challenges of speaking to someone wearing a mask.

What is the Price of the Eargo 6 Hearing Aid? 

The Eargo 6 hearing aids can be purchased outright for $2,950 compared to Eargo 5 at $2,450. Financing options are available to make payments as low as $94 for 36 months. 

Eargo Hearing Aid Maintenance

Eargo offers rechargeable hearing aids that have 16-hour battery life. Recharging takes approximately 6 hours for a full charge. The hearing aids need to be charged in the portable charger overnight.

As with all electronic devices, it’s important to properly care for Eargo hearing aids to lengthen their lifespan. That’s why the cleaning tools are included in your purchase. Prior to charging, the hearing aids need to be brushed and wiped clean. This needs to be done on a regular basis.

Eargo’s website hosts helpful support videos on the use and maintenance of Eargo hearing aids for your convenience.

Where to Buy Eargo Hearing Aids

Eargo hearing aids are available for purchase through Eargo’s website, by phone, or through Amazon. A small number of stores also stock the hearing aids.

Eargo has offered five different hearing aid models, all with the same basic features—however, the latest models have some improvements. The warranty covers unlimited repairs and one-time loss or damage per hearing aid.

Eargo Hearing Aid Model Price & Warranty Features
Eargo Max

(Eargo’s first model)

  • $1,500
  • Finance is available for $70/mo.
  • 1-year warranty
  • Rechargeable
  • Practically invisible
  • Comfortable
  • Four sound profiles
  • Remembers your preferred sound profile
  • Amplify speech and reduces background noise
Eargo Neo
  • $2,000
  • Finance is available for $93/mo.
  • 1-year warranty
The same features of the Max with the edition of:

  • better acoustics in higher frequencies
  • Breathable, open-fit design
  • improved feedback performance
  • redesigned Flexi Palms
  • cloud connection
  • faster charging
  • Controllable through a mobile app
  • Remote fine-tuning available
Eargo Neo HiFi
  • $2,500
  • Finance is available for $116/mo.
  • 2-year warranty
The new editions include:

  • wind noise reduction for better outdoor hearing
  • a fourth layer of ultra-soft Flexis for a better fit
  • mobile app to adjust your settings for different listening environments and to activate your programs
  • ability to share reports with Eargo’s professionals to help you customize your hearing aids
Eargo 5
  • From $2,950
  • Finance is available for $137/mo.
  • 2-year warranty
The new editions include:

  • Eargo’s smallest device yet
  • Mobile app to tailor your hearing preferences and personalize settings
  • Adjust noise reduction and match sounds to your environment from the mobile app
  • Improved battery life
  • Closed Petals to maximize amplification
Eargo 6 

The Latest Device

  • From $2,950
  • Financing is available for as low as $94/mo for 36 months
  • 2-year warranty
  • 45-Day Return
The new editions include:

  • Automatic sound adjustment and noise reduction based on your sound environment.
  • Mask Mode
  •  Waterproof up to 1 Meter for 30 minutes

Eargo Hearing Aid Return Policy

Eargo offers a full refund if the hearing aids are returned within 45 days. This requires a couple of phone calls. Retailers of Eargo hearing aids may have a different policy, it’s advised to check with the store before purchase. 

Eargo Hearing Aids Insurance Coverage

Some insurance providers that may cover Eargo hearing aids include:

  • Aetna
  • Some Medicare Advantage plans
  • Government Employees Health Association
  • Federal Employee Program Blue Cross

Eargo hearing aids may be fully covered for federal employees with FEHB. It’s advised to check with your insurance before making a purchase.

Eargo Hearing Aid Reviews

Overall the Eargo Hearing Aids reviews from wearers are positive as individuals find the devices comfortable, easy to use, and barely noticeable. There is also positive feedback about the technical support and service offered by Eargo.

Some Eargo reviews do comment that  Eargo hearing aids can be uncomfortable or malfunction quickly.

Lexie Hearing Aids vs. Eargo Hearing Aids

Introduction to Lexie Hearing

Lexie wants to make better hearing available to everyone, everywhere, which is why we have developed smart and cutting-edge technology, to offer clients high-quality hearing aids and remote support services at a fraction of the price. 

Lexie is an all-inclusive direct-to-consumer (DTC) hearing aid and service solution.  Lexie Hearing offers hearing aids for 80% less than the costs of traditional hearing aids. Lexie has been designed for people who may not be willing or able to attend an audiology clinic, have mild-to-moderate hearing loss, or may be unable to afford traditional hearing aid options.

Lexie Hearing uses a well-researched and validated prescription formula to program the hearing aids. This ensures the best possible comfort and clarity for users. The app allows the user to control the hearing aids and offers a support portal that provides access to Hearing Experts and remote adjustments.

Lexie also offers a 45-day risk-free trial period, during which the hearing aids can be returned for a full refund.

Where to Buy Lexie Hearing Aids

The innovative subscription model allows Lexie to offer an affordable solution for individuals living with hearing loss and still offer a high-quality product and support. Lexie Hearing offers clients excellent value for their money. Purchase online or via the contact center today.

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